Start 2012 with UV Lamp and Reflector Kit Value Pak Solutions for a better, more productive year!

It’s the end of the year and you want to try to get prepared for 2012 right? So why not stock your shelves with UV replacement bulbs, reflectors, and quartz plates so that when the year starts you are ready to go with new inventory.

Replacing your UV lamps in a timely manner is necessary of course, but changing out the reflectors along with the lamps is just as crucial. Better to replace them together so that you can get the most longevity out of your bulbs. The reflectors are responsible for 70% of the light emittance. Since the reflector shields are so cost efficient there is no reason not to replace them at least ever other lamp change as long as you have to have the machine down for the bulb anyway.

The purple coated or dichroic reflectors don’t need to be changed as often, but still need to be evaluated just to be sure. There’s also that chance that you may need a whole new UV System next year for your web, screen, or label printing process. So think ahead for 2012 and get a jump on the competition before they get the same bright idea!

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