Tips for Healthy Hardwood Floor Refinishing for a Home with Allergies, Kids and Pets?

Q. Can you recommend a healthy hardwood flooring option for someone with allergies, kids and pets? I love my hardwood floor and am looking for green flooring options. I would rather just have it refinished, but I do not want the lingering smell of chemicals or have it scratch easily. What would you recommend I look for?

Tips for Healthy Wood Flooring

  1. VOC’s cause headaches, nose and eye irritation, damage to liver, kidney, and central nervous system
  2. EPA – Steps To Reduce Exposure
  3. Healthier Homes Inside and Out
  4. Some wood building materials are better than others
  5. Some finishing products are better than others – will not change color with age, more scratch / chemical resistant, and ultimately lasts longer

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