Uses for a UV Flashlight and portable UV Flood lights

These handheld, portable, small UV/LED flashlights can be used for a multitude of things. Instead of carrying around heavy and hot black lights, these UV flashlights can be slipped into a pocket, allowing easy access.

Crowd and access control: Hands that have been marked using invisible pens or cards become visible when illuminated with UV light. The LED flashlight with 21 Bulbs can be used on admission cards from night clubs, amusement parks, and controlled events. Other popular uses can be crime scene inspection, currency and bill verification, leak detection, rodent detection, gemstone, and mineral inspection.

Optical industries have started using the 9 bulb LED flashlight to demonstrate the photochromic lenses indoors (the darkening of lenses in response to sunlight). UV Light has also been known to show alterations and changes to documents, allowing forgery to be easily spotted.

Looking for something a little more powerful? The portable, stand-alone, low intensity 4 bulb UV flood light can be used to rapidly cure special epoxies, glues, and adhesives. It is perfect for the small finishing and curing projects, where industrial UV intensity is not required. Just remember, all of these items are specialty UV devices and are not to be used for illumination purposes. As with all UV lights, proper eye protection must be worn at all times.

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