UV-C Germicidal Lights for Home Sterilization

Did you know that UV-C Germicidal lamps offer air purification, surface disinfection and water sterilization? What is the effectiveness of UVC? UV Bulbs have been scientifically proven to eliminate harmful microorganisms and lessen the spread of colds and viruses. UV light kills up to 99.9% of harmful germs on contact.

UV-C Light sanitizes micro-organisms and biological pollutants, including viruses, bacteria, germs, mold, dust mite and flea eggs by penetrating their cell membranes and attacking and deactivating their cellular DNA, stopping their reproductive capabilities and killing them.

The Verilux Wand allows hypoallergenic cleaning and chemical-free disinfection of kitchen surfaces, mattresses, bedding, utensils, sofas, children’s toys, pet areas, computer keyboards, and more. Keep your home safe and clean with UV.

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