UV Floor Coatings for Prefinishing & Refinishing Hardwood

Q: Can hardwood floor re-finishers get the same quality UV finish as the pre-finishing manufacturing facilities?

A: Absolutely! The pre-finishing production facilities use a 100% solids UV finish that offers low shrinkage, more coverage per gallon, less applications, less labor with increased production and up time. The 100% UV coating process actually costs about the same as conventional coatings per square foot because a little goes a long way. Some manufacturer’s only have a hybrid waterborne / UV cure formula, but with the water flashing , there would still be shrinkage.

This form of green technology is the perfect balance of Performance and Environmental Sustainability. These products conform to the requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Green Seal, and LEED. It has no VOC’s after instant UV light curing and zero HAP’s. So, whether pre-finished or refinished, there will be no chemicals flashing off in your customer’s home or office.

Despite what most have heard, UV curable coatings can be used for On-Site projects and can be completed in Hours, not Days! Depending on your finishing preference the best place to get the UV curing systems is SPDI, Inc. They can manufacture handheld UV systems, large industrial UV systems, and everything in between. They are the only company that work with coating manufacturers and allow for the 100% solids coating to be used outside of a manufacturing facility.

For more information on the types of UV Curable Coatings that could work for you, contact a UV Technology and Coatings Specialist at (561) 243-8442.

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