UV Iterno Systems – Printing solutions for many household products

What’s on the inside of plastic and cosmetic containers, buckets, and garden pots is a part of everyones daily life. That said, it is no surprise that the messages or advertisements on the outside (whether it is plastic, glass, wood or metal) are just as important. So much of the UV decorating is done on printers with UV Iterno Systems. These UV Drying Systems are in several markets such as cup printing, tube printing, roll-to-roll, narrow web printing, and digital large-format printing.

Buying the replacement Ultraviolet bulbs, reflectors, and ignitors from an overseas source is not necessary for the presses that run these systems such as OMSO, Polytype and Vandam. It is important to have stock on your shelf, made easier by having the bulbs and shields packaged together in a kit so that the reflector liners get changed out along with the UV lamps.

70% of the drying power is in the reflector shield. These UV Systems can be a bit different to run than the average Cup/Lid/Bottle printer but the print quality from what has been noted in the industry can be well worth the effort.

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