UV Lamp Types & UV Cure Systems

A UV Lamp choice can be complicated in today’s world.  With so many choices and UV Lamp and technology advancements recently.

UV Lamp Types and UV Cure Systems - cureUV.com

How do you make the right choice and how do you know what you should expect? First make a decision on what is it you are trying to accomplish?  Then what do you need to accomplish it. UV Lamp Types and UV Cure Systems – www.cureUV.com In most cases it’s not as complicated when you get to the core point of what it is you are trying to do.

As a consultant to the auto collision industry, printing, finishing or germicidal sterilization industry you might ask yourself,  how can one person be a specialist in so many industries.  Well I’m not, I’m a specialist in the field of UV technology and is uses.  That knowledge that i have built on for almost 25 years (over 52,000 hours) is expansive but they all share one simple thing.  I have become a specialist at how to use different spectral points (wavelength) of light (predominantly in the UV or Ultraviolet range) to create a reaction.  A simple way of saying – using the appropriate UV Wavelength combined with a given UV Intensity to force a UV Photo Initiated reaction to create a desired result.

Do you have questions that I may be able to answer or assist you with? Drop me a line at john@cureUV.com or and let me know if you need a quick reflection on your commercial or proprietary process.

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