UV Reflectors and the Importance of Replacing Them with Every Lamp Change-out
I am sure that you know the importance of changing out a UV bulb in order to optimize the performance of your UV System. Did you ever stop to think about the relevance of the UV reflector? As it states in it’s name, the reflector is the shield or liner that sits behind, above or in front of the Ultraviolet lamp and bounces the light back onto the substrate, assisting in the way the lamp cures, dries and/or coats the product. I bet you didn’t know that the reflector is responsible for 70% of the curing power of the Ultra Violet lamp as well. If your reflectors are dirty, cloudy or warped, your UV light cannot work to its full potential, thus making it nearly impossible to achieve the perfect result for your substrate. There are different types of reflectors that are responsible for important functions when it comes to an Ultra-violet curing system. An aluminum reflector is just that: a shiny aluminum partner to the bulb it is working with. The dichroic, purple/blue aluminum reflector is specially coated with heat-absorbent material to aid in the lamps ability to remain at a certain temperature without melting the product. This also plays a very important role in UV lamp longevity. All are very essential in the process of curing, drying or Ultraviolet Coating and should be replaced at least every other lamp change. So remember, when you change the bulb, make sure to change the reflector too!

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