UV Safety First!

A Safe Work Environment

We at CureUV.com like to make sure our customers are aware and pro-active in their work environment.   From outer wear to safety glasses, the items we offer while working with UV light are all OSHA compliant.   Protecting your eyes and body from harmful UV is the best practice to follow.  From you to those around you.  See the full selection of UV light safety products.

The visible spectrum of ultraviolet light is not harmful, but the light that you cannot see can be dangerous in some applications if the proper safety precautions are not taken into account.

NOTE: You should be properly educated in the operation and application of ultraviolet technology. If you have any suspected UV reactions as a result from improper use or inadequate safety, seek medical attention by a qualified medical practitioner.

Learn more about UV safety today. We feel the more you know, the better protected you are.

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