If you do any plastic cup printing or UV decorating of plastic containers, caps, cylindrical items, or lids your Ultraviolet Printer may have a UViterno System on it. The Ultra Violet lamps that are on those systems run up to 1400 WPI and the UV bulbs can be costly to replace. An important fact to remember as well is to replace the UV Reflector when doing a lamp changeout. 70% of the lamps’ intensity comes from the reflector, and changing them can increase lamp longevity. Also when it comes to the Ultraviolet Reflector replacement, something else to consider is that they are extruded pieces, and very hard to obtain in the USA, hence a much longer lead time and more expensive to have imported. Print quality can be increased as well when changing out the full Ultra-violet Lamp and Reflector kit, resulting in the reduction of costly downtime. So if you want your Customers to be completely satisfied with your UV Printing project, remember to keep your decorating equipment in a maintenance-friendly state to guarantee future business!

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