According to experts, the H1N1 or “swine flu” virus is becoming widespread in 46 of our states here in the U.S., and many are thinking about how to personally prevent getting it by obtaining the flu shot.  But there is an additional way to keep the virus from spreading in the air you breathe.  Just as there are vaccines that are becoming available for your body, there is a technologically advanced solution that has been around for years for the air; a “vaccine” for your heating and cooling system.  By putting a UV Light source in your heating and cooling system, you not only lessen the chance of coming in contact with the virus, but increase the amount of clean air that is regenerated and recycled throughout the area.  The size of your working or living space will determine the type of UV system that you need for the best results.  Take time to vaccinate and clean the air you breathe!

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