Waterborne – Cost Benefits You See On the Bottom Line

Waterborne Finishing Coatings conform to program requirements for SCAQMD, Greenseal, LEED & KCMA approved.

In this day & age many large manufacturing facilities are switching to Waterborne finishing products.  It not only is better for the environment, but also improves the health of end product users.

Green Chemistry

    • Low VOC’s & Zero HAP’s
    • Non-Flammable
      • Decrease Insurance Premiums
      • Decreased Waste Disposal Costs

Companies can save hundreds of thousands annually just from the decrease in Insurance Premiums & Waste Disposal.  But now, the end users are demanding this form of green technology.  Large corporations like Starbucks, Target, Gap & Baby Gap want to decrease exposure of VOC’s to their workers & customers.  These corporations search out millwork finishing facilities that will provide these superior results.

Results:  Waterborne finishing will decrease over head costs & increase sales for millwork finishing companies.

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