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Frequently asked questions:

Q: I have seen Waterborne / UV Curable Sealer Topcoats and 100% Solid UV Curable Topcoats. What is the difference?

A: Waterborne / UV Curable Coatings contain the durability, scratch, and chemical resistant properties from the UV cured part of the coating. Each UV coating has their specific place for Industrial Finishing needs.

It’s great if the manufacturing facility has IR to flash off the water within a few seconds or you can wait approximately 15 minutes to flash naturally. Then, the coating is illuminated with a UV light source to instantly finish the curing process.

Most of these coatings are Self-Sealing Topcoats, which also increases production. One more bonus is that cleaning of equipment is with water! This Green Technology allows facilities to inexpensively dispose of and provides low VOCs / zero HAPs. Some facilities do not have IR capabilities and therefore, prefer a 100% solid.

100% Solid UV Self-Sealing Topcoats allow for application, followed by an instant cure with a UV light source. Any ultraviolet coating that is not used can be reclaimed and reused to provide minimal waste. Can be disposed of as solid waste when cured.

These coatings are 2 times more scratch and chemical resistant than conventional wood coatings. There is no flashing of solvents with 100% Solids, so there is no shrinkage or orange peel appearance and reduced labor. Many more millwork facilities are utilizing this finish for high-end production projects like Marine, Private Aircrafts, furniture, and hardwood floor finishing available for in-house or on-site production.

For those that just want to stick to the basics, then look for waterborne finishing coatings (stains, primers, sealers, and self-sealing topcoats). They dry just as fast as a lacquer because they are resin rich with 40% solids. They are much more scratch resistant and water/chemical resistant than flammable solvent based coatings. Clean up is simple with water and allows for decreased disposal costs.

Have more questions or looking for a specific coating? Call us at (561) 243-8442 to speak with a UV Coatings Specialist in your area.

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