Genesis H2O Model 40040015 Germicidal Replacement Light Bulb
Genesis H2O Model 40040015 Germicidal Replacement Light Bulb Genesis H2O Model 40040015 Germicidal Replacement Light Bulb Genesis H2O Model 40040015 Germicidal Replacement Light Bulb Genesis H2O Model 40040015 Germicidal Replacement Light Bulb

Genesis H2O Model 40040015 Germicidal Replacement Light Bulb
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Genesis H2O Germicidal Replacement Ultra-violet Light Bulb, Model no. GEN-5-10

The Genesis H2O Model 40040015 Germicidal Replacement Light Bulb is a 100% Equivalent Genesis H2O Model 40040015 UVC Germicidal water treatment bulb. The replacement bulb has a total length of 32.28" and a wattage of 39 Watts. The UVC light bulb has a peak output of 253.7nm and a 4-pin on a single-end base style. The nonozone glass type and ceramic base material make this one of the most sought-after replacement bulbs on the market.

The UVC light bulb helps in sterilizing and killing yeasts, bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. Many people prefer the UV method of water treatment as it makes use of UV light at a designated wavelength to disrupt the DNA of microorganisms. The light bulb is compatible with germicidal OEM water disinfection filters, UV water purifiers, and sanitizers and is capable of destroying 99.9% of harmful organisms in the water.

The replacement UVC bulb provides 12 months of worry-free operation after which its germ-destroying capabilities reduce.

Original Manufacturer has begun adding a feature on some Genesis H2O Power Supplies requiring a key to be replaced with the lamp to reset the countdown timer. KEY NOT INCLUDED WITH THIS BULB.

 If you have the Genesis H2O Model 40040015, we are pleased to inform you that we now offer the two versions of this UV bulb: the common version with a white base and the slim version with a green base. Please make sure to select the appropriate bulb for your system to ensure proper compatibility. Both versions are readily available for purchase, providing you with flexibility and convenience for your UV bulb replacement needs.


  • Effectively Kill Harmful Microorganisms 

Ultraviolet light filters are advanced and a highly effective method of destroying pathogens such as protozoa, viruses, bacteria, cysts, and others. These specialized UV lamps and bulbs from CureUV produce a high quantity of damaging ultraviolet light that destroys these organisms without altering the composition, pH, or taste of water. Unlike chemical methods of purification, UV light purification is proven safe for human consumption. Our lamps are tested and certified by our expert quality assurance teams that maintain your safety as their primary concern.

  • Long-Lasting Bulb 

This 39 Watt UVC germicidal lamp bulb has a long-lasting life of 10,000 hours. With this longevity, you'll only need to replace the light bulb once a year to ensure the best ultraviolet performance output of your UVC system. 

  • Shatterproof Coating 

The germicidal water treatment bulb comes with a shatterproof coating that protects the bulb from damage during use. The coating also makes it easy to maintain the treatment system by making it safe to dispose of glass if it shatters - the coating will catch and prevent shards of glass from falling into the water system in the case of accidental breakage.

This bulb is fitted onto a strong ceramic base with 4 pins to ensure a stable connection to the power supply.

  • Wide Range of Application Uses 

This replacement bulb is suitable for residential and commercial purposes, and has a wide range of common applications: 

  • Aquaculture
  • Beverage Services and Processing 
  • Drinking-Water | Food Services and Processing
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Pools/Spas
  • Water Features 
  • Well Water

Technical Specifications:

  • Total Length: 32.28 inches (820mm)
  • Lamp Quartz Diameter: 15mm
  • Bulb Wattage: 39 Watts
  • Peak UV Output: 253.7nm
  • Glass Type: Non-Ozone
  • Base Style: 4 Pin Single Ended, level Luminor Base (B54)
  • Base Material: Ceramic
  • Rated Life: Up to 10,000 hours

*All germicidal UVC light bulbs listed are compatible brand UV products. We do not sell Genesis H2O brand UVC bulbs. All Genesis H2O brand names, trademarks, and logos are property of Genesis H2O.

Warning: Ultraviolet UV-C light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Use proper safety gear.

Note: stocks generic products that are 100% compatible with the original equipment

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