UV Curing - LensBright Headlight Restore Foaming Cleaner - 19oz Aerosol Can

LensBright Headlight Restore Foaming Cleaner - 19oz Aerosol Can
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The Ultimate headlamp restoration coating for Cleaning and Preparation

The Lensbright Headlight Restore Foaming Cleaner - 19oz Aerosol Can helps in restoring clarity to headlight lamps that have turned hazy, yellow and cloudy over time. It is very important to restore lens clarity to improve the performance of your headlight and improve the look of your vehicle.

The lenses of headlights feature a hard surface layer and also contain an Ultraviolet (UV) resistant coating on the outer surface of the lens. When these lens are exposed to constant sunlight they turn becomes yellow and cloudy. The foaming cleaner helps in cleaning the headlights and surrounding areas in the process of preparing to restore headlight. The foaming cleanser works to remove aged coatings and residue from headlamps. This process helps in giving you a spotless start when renewing your headlamps. This cleaner also works as a lubricant/wetting agent when you sand the headlights.


  • Prepares the area and surrounding areas that needs restoration
  • Saves you from purchasing a new headlight
  • Can be used on headlight, taillight, direction and fog lights

LensBright UV Headlight Restore Data and Instructions (PDF)

LensBright UV Headlight Restorer HVLP Instructions (PDF)

Note: CureUV.com stocks generic products that are 100% compatible with the original equipment.


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Headlight lens restoration is now easy and efficient with the use of UV technology.

These UV coatings are designed to return the condition of your discolored, worn headlamp lenses to like-new. This greatly improves the brightness of your headlights, making nighttime driving safer and enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle. CureUV.com is the sole distributor of the LensBright family of products available in a variety of convenient packages and kits; we also carry a selection of LightRite items.