CureUV and GermAwayUV Chemical Free UV-C DisinfectionIn these challenging times, with the concerns as how best to deal with the new normal we find ourselves in, you need all the assistance you can get to meet the demands of keeping staff, students and visitors to your facility safe.With over 20 years experience specializing in the supply of UV-C products, we are in a prime position to advise and supply a wide range of affordable UVC solutions, which will save you time and effort in your cleaning efforts.Microscopic organisms have a huge affect on our lives, and considering their size, they are very difficult to eradicate. CureUV and GermAwayUV have the perfect range of products so you can win the fight against them and help disinfect and sanitize your teaching facilities. Be they schools, universities or colleges, we have the right product for you.Please contact us for expert guidance as to which of our units is the best for your needs, whether it is for your administration areas, corridors, classrooms or gym hall, indeed, anywhere on your campus.