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UV Inspection Flashlights UV Plant Growth

Use Ultraviolet Technology to See the Unseen and Protect Yourself

For years now we have been using UV lights to inspect the otherwise unseen and CureUV is bringing you a full line of products to help you do just that! Whether you are a business owner interested in ensuring that the bills your customers use are 100% legitimate and want to acquire a UV Counterfeit Bill Detector or if you simply want to inspect IDs at the door of a club, we have the right product for you at a great price and immediate availability. 

Still, there are other ways in which we are now using Ultraviolet Technology to protect ourselves. UV Insect Traps are now many times used in the front lines in the fight against flies, mosquitoes, and other pests. Still, what would all of this technology be without the UV safety gear to operate it properly. We offer a full line of eye protection, gloves, suits, and anything else you may need from the lowest level of UV exposure to the use of full UV Curing Systems

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