Needing to cure 3D objects or require a device that can be easily transported and used 'on-site'? Need a compact and cost effective system that will get the job done? We have you covered!

We carry a wide variety of handheld systems with both Mercury Vapor and LED options available.  From entry level curing spotlights ideal for headlight restoration and hobbyist applications through to our Benchtop Systems with a myriad of applications such as instrument refinishing, furniture and cabinetry manufacturing, aviation and industrial adhesive / coatings.

CureUV is making strides in LED curing and has a full line of rechargeable, low weight, low heat, high-output, wireless devices which are ideal for places and jobs where 'conventional' UV systems aren't ideal.

Not sure which option is best for you, call in and speak with one of our expert team members and we'll help you find the right one!