High Quality Wipes

Exciting news to keep your UV lamps clean and rejuvenate them! CureUV has the perfect solution with new non-ozone depleting wipes that are safe for high grade plastics, will evaporate rapidly and leave zero residue. These wipes will improve your UV lamps output and efficiency with minimal care on a regular basis to achieve optimum results.

CureUV’s wipes were developed for use on UV curing and UV-C lamps, UV reflectors, quartz plates, dichroic materials and hot and cold UV mirrors. They are non-corrosive and lint free, best used right from the tub when moist. Other uses include tape head cleaning, keyboards, de-fluxing* and stencil cleaning. Keep away from children. Not for LCD screens. *De-fluxing removes residues without board damage in processes requiring multiple cleaning cycles.

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