Is UV light being used in food processing technology?

UV has been used on food products for more than 50 years. Unlike chemical treatments, UV does not introduce any toxins or residues. The benefits of using UV disinfection at various stages during food processing, storage, packaging and transportation can include:

– Prevention of germination and sprouting of potatoes, onions and garlic

– Dis-infestation by killing or sterilizing insects, which infest grains, dried fruit, vegetables or nuts

– Retardation of ripening and ageing of fruit and vegetables.

-Prolongation of the shelf life, and prevention of food-borne diseases by reducing the number of viable microorganisms in meat, poultry and seafood

– Reduction of microorganisms in spices and herbs

UV-C has been shown to reduce health risks such as Salmonella, E Coli, Campylobacter and Listeria. However, its effectiveness depends on exposure time, level of irradiation and the specific technology used.

Today UV-C is commonly used on bread, baked goods, hard cheeses, eggs, meat, salads, nuts, seafood, fruits and vegetables. Subject to regulations of particular countries.

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