Resin - Loctite 3103 Flexible Light Cure Adhesive - Part # 23692 - 1 Liter Bottle

Loctite 3103 Flexible Light Cure Adhesive - Part # 23692 - 1 Liter Bottle
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Light UV Cure Adhesive 23692 1 Liter Bottle

The Loctite 3103 Flexible Light Cure Adhesive - Part # 23692 - 1 Liter Bottle is a single component, thixotropic, acrylic, flexible, low modulus, medium viscosity, UV/visible light cure adhesive that helps in rapid curing. This adhesive forms a flexible and transparent bond when exposed to ultraviolet radiation and/or visible light of sufficient intensity. The adhesive reduces stress cracking on plastics and also cures with the help of UV blocked and tinted substrates.

The adhesive works well for a wide variety of substrates, which includes plastic, glass, ceramic and metals. It also works well for sealing, gap filling and potting.

When to use the adhesive:

Typically for bonding polycarbonate to itself, while not inducing stress cracking under typical molded stress levels


  • Mainly used for stress-sensitive plastics
  • Thixotropic to reduce adhesive migration
  • Service temperature up to 140 degrees C

Technical Specifications:

  • Color/Appearance: Transparent to Slightly Hazy
  • 1 Or 2 Part: 1
  • Base Chemistry: Acrylic
  • Viscosity Cp: 10,000
  • Cure Time: <20 seconds
  • Dot Specifications: DOT: Combustible Liquid, UN1993 (More than 450 Lt)
  • Shear Strength PSI: 1,600
  • Volume Resistivity: 8.9 X 10(14)
  • Tensile Strength: 2,500
  • Durometer/Hardness: 51 D
  • Dielectric Strength: 24 kV/mm
  • Specific Gravity: 1.13
  • Elongation: 260%
  • Flash Point: >197 degrees F 

Loctite 3103 - 1 Liter Adhesive MSDS (PDF)

Loctite 3103 - 1 Liter Adhesive TDS (PDF)

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CureUV offers Loctite brand Light Cure adhesives compatible with substrates made of ceramic, composite material, concrete, fabric, glass, metal, paper, plastic, polycarbonate, PVC, rubber, wood, and more.

These UV-curable adhesives dry in seconds or less upon exposure to long-wave ultraviolet light and/or visible light. Loctite adhesives use UV light to initiate curing and form a permanent bond without heating. Loctite brand adhesives are optimal for high-speed applications.