Your GermAwayUV Warranty

With the purchase of your new GermAwayUV item comes a one (1) year warranty against device malfunction. This warranty is in place in the event that a malfunction occurs affecting the integrity of the item— which includes damage to the device, bulbs, or operating system that occur as a result of shipping and handling. Under the parameters of the GermAwayUV warranty, the item is fully protected against non-operator caused malfunctioning— it guarantees item integrity but is NOT designed to fix user breakage, damage, or misplacement of any device or bulb, connector cords, push buttons, etc. Examples of damage where the warranty is applicable include: broken bulbs or hardware dents and cracks that occur in initial shipping and handling, as well as issues with initial device connectivity or operation not caused by user error. This warranty does not cover operator caused errors such as bulbs that have been dropped, machinery damaged in transit after initial shipping and handling, improper storage of bulbs and equipment, or overuse’s effects on bulb lifespan.

The warranty eligibility period begins on the date of delivery and extends 365 calendar days after. Once expired, the warranty cannot be retroactively used. When an issue occurs causing a user the need to activate their warranty— contact your CureUV team via email at or by phone at 800-977-7292. Please include in all inquiries: a detailed description of the issue, order number and date of purchase, and when applicable photos of the malfunctioning item. These will allow us to best address the problem and find a solution in a timely manner. All warranty inquiries will be assessed and acted upon within 2 weeks— when possible, items will be repaired to avoid environmental waste and replaced when repair is impossible.

Items under warranty are strictly those received upon initial purchase that fall within the 1 year warranty time frame. The warranty does not cover or replace items like depleted batteries, misused power cords, or bulbs that have come to the end of their natural life span from frequent use. We at CureUV pride ourselves on the state-of-the-art nature of our products, and are here to provide solutions to any problems you have with our devices when we can. Thanks for trusting us with your sanitation needs!