Transparent LED Straw Hat Diodes with Purple Ultraviolet Light

Transparent LED Straw Hat Diodes with Purple Ultraviolet Light
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5mm Light Emitting Diode Straw Hats

Get these 100 piece set of 5 mm LED to be used for illumination, appliance lighting and a range of electrical applications. 


These small diodes are particularly useful because they are small,bright, versatile and easy to use. Since they are small they can fit into almost all spaces, making them convenient for DIY use and electrical repairs and appliances.

Use these diodes for:  

  • home, office and industry electrical equipment 
  • color displays and indicators 
  • diagnostic and analytical use e.g. counterfeit money detection 


Wide Angle Light Emission

    These diodes emit purple ultraviolet light at wide viewing angle of 120 degrees. This means that instead of being direct and limited, the light emitted is angular and spread out giving a wider viewing scope. This is great for viewing items in small spaces 

    Transparent and durable 

      The diodes are made of a durable and hardy material that is transparent in appearance so you can use them however you wish and they won't detract from the appearance of whatever application you intend to use them for. 


      • Brand Name: SAMIORE ROBOT
      • Type: LED
      • Quantity: 100 pieces / Pack
      • Package Type: Through Hole
      • Max. Forward Voltage: 3.0-3.4 V
      • Max. Forward Current: 20 MA
      • Lens: 5mm Diameter / Transparent / Straw Hat
      • Emitting Color: Purple UV (395nm-400nm)
      • Luminous Intensity: 300-400 mcd (This is Ultraviolet light, so it is not very bright)
      • Viewing Angle: 120 Degree
      • Polarity: Anode (Longer Part) | Cathode (Shorter Part)

      These diodes are nifty little devices! But maybe you've got a question about them. Just drop us a line at or call us at (561) 243-8442. 


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