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Purple/Violet Ultraviolet Light Emitter with LED Beads
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Multipurpose LED Purple ultraviolet light

This LED light emits purple ultraviolet light which can be used for detection, illumination, curing or even decorative purposes. Available in range of wattage powers: 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W or 100W. 


Ultraviolet is one of the best things ever because of its versatility and power. Not only can it sanitize and disinfect but the rays emitted from an ultraviolet sources are strong enough to set and dry substances like coatings and glue. One of the coolest features of this light is that it presents as different colors! This particular emitter shines purple light which is particularly useful for a range of functions such as detection, illumination, curing or even decorating. 

Use this LED purple emitting light for

  • currency detector
  • skin testing and photo-chemical reaction
  • light curing and drying 
  • ore appraisal
  • decoration on stages or houses
  • drive midge (attracting insects away)
  • illumination (night lights for kids rooms, drive ways and doorways) 
  • suitable to be used in fishpond to trap


LED purple ultraviolet emitters comes in a variety of wattage power 

    This emitter can be bought in a range of wattage powers. Choose between 10 watts, 20 watts, 30 watts, 50 watts and 100 watts. Select whichever wattage in whatever combination that will suit your needs! 

    This is a long lasting LED purple ultraviolet light emitter

      These light emitters will give you real value for your money. Lasting for over 50 000 hours of usage, you won't have to replace them too quickly! 


      • DC Forward Voltage (VF) :9-12 V DC
      • DC Forward Currect (IF) : 1050mA
      • Wavelength : 365nm-375nm/395-400Nm
      • Beam Angle: 120-140 degrees

      If you've got any questions feel free to drop us a line at sales@cureuv.com or call at (561) 243-8442

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