Aluminum Reflector - Cefla Aluminum Reflector For Lamp 601100064

Cefla Aluminum Reflector for Lamp 601100064
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Cefla Aluminum Reflector for Lamp 601100064

The Cefla Aluminum Reflector for Lamp 601100064 is a UV replacement dichoric reflector that is manufactured to reflect UV curable energy. It allows higher UV wavelength to pass through it and is a generic replacement for Cefla printers.

The main function of the dichoric reflectors is that it reflects visible light and allows infrared radiation to pass. The illuminated object is heated less as the infrared radiation of the light beam is reduced.

UV reflectors are very important in a UV system and are responsible for the reflection of over 55% of the UV energy source. Therefore it is very important to maintain and clean the UV reflectors in a UV system periodically.

Note: stocks generic products that are 100% compatible with the original equipment.

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