Atlantic Ultraviolet 05-0097A-R Germicidal UV replacement Lamp

Atlantic Ultraviolet 05-0097A-R Germicidal UV replacement Lamp
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Altantic Ultraviolet # 05-0097A-R Replacement Germicidal UV Bulb 

Water is life. Air is life. It's that simple and the science is clear - poor air quality and poor water quality can mean poor health and wellness. The value of both clean water and air is without question and now with this premium germicidal UV bulb healthy water and clean air is exactly what you’ll get.

This UV replacement bulb is 100% compatible with the Atlantic Ultraviolet #05-0097A-R Bulb used in water treatment and air purification: AeroLogic Model Aero-24 and MiniPure Model MIN-9 disinfection systems. 

This bulb is suitable to use to be use for air and water sterilization and purification. 


This bulb has specific design features that enhance the UV output: 

  • Premium Quartz glass 

The quartz glass has a unique quality - it is able to transmit a high amount of UV light thus ensuring maximum exposure of water or air to the effective UV rays. 

  • Low Cost and Energy Saving

This lamp has a rated life of 10,000 hours. With this longer life you'll be able to save on maintenance costs because you’ll have to replace the bulb less frequently. 

  • Environmentally safe 

The bulb produces a low amount of ozone. In addition, using UV light significantly reduces the amount of VOC's released into the atmosphere. 

Bulb Specifications

  • Wattage power: 30 watts
  • Dimensions:  24.4" in length
  • Base: 4 pin step base

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