Cefla # 601100370 Gallium doped Replacement UV Curing Lamp

Cefla # 601100370 Gallium doped Replacement UV Curing Lamp
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Replacement Ultraviolet Bulb for Cefla wood curing systems, part number 601100370

This Ultraviolet Replacement Curing Bulb is 100% compatible with bulbs used in Celfa Wood coating and curing systems that require part number 601100370. This 15 inch bulb is completely equivalent to the original bulbs, both in curing power and quality functioning, making it a cost effective alternative for your wood curing processes. 


Galium Doped Bulb

This Cefla replacement bulb is coated with galium to enhance the curing capability for a quality curing finish. In particular the galium coating offers the following applications: 

  • Deep quality cure 

The resins used to coat wood often contain pigment (contain color) which are usually thicker and require deeper cures. The Galium coating facilitates the passing of higher spectrum UV irradiance to get a deeper cure. 
    • Temperature regulated

    The Galium coating prevents infrared light from penetrating through the bulb. Infrared irradiance is typically the source of heat in lighting systems. With this added coating the heat of the lamp and overall system is keep low for a better functioning process. 

      Long Rated Lifespan 

      Our Celfa replacement bulbs are designed to give you up to 600 hours of use before you need to consider replacement. With so much use-time you'll be sure to get value for your money. 

      Environmentally friendly 

      The effective curing process created with the use of these bulbs means that less methane is released into the atmosphere from you wood curing system. This means a reduction in overall CO2 emissions from your curing systems. 


      Diameter: 21 mm
      Spectrum: HG 
      Length: 15 inch (381 mm) 
      Arc Length: 381 mm
      Lifetime: 600 

      Not sure if you've found what you need? We're well aware that finding replacement parts can sometimes be tricky and confusing so why not give us a quick call at sales@cureuv.com or call at 1(561)243-8442 (8:00 to 4.30 EST). 

      15" UV Curing lamp for Wood Coating System- Gallium Doped


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