ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72UVR UV Cartridge Reflector Assembly

ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72UVR UV Cartridge Reflector Assembly - Quick Change
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Guaranteed 100% Ultraviolet (UV) Reflector Assembly Compatible for ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72UVR Cassette

The Colorspan Displaymaker 72UVR UV Cartridge Reflector Assembly - Quick Change is a guaranteed 100% UV reflector assembly that is compatible for Colorspan Displaymaker 72URV Cassette.

The compact UV replacement reflector is an affordable solution and keeps your UV system working in top condition. helps with compatible OEM spare parts for ink jet UV printers and related equipment. We at CureUV ensure that we cover the stock parts and components of most of the models. This assembly comes with reflectors and lamp clips but not the entire cartridge change out or lamp. The reflector assembly for a UV energy system comes with a funnel adapted to connect to a UV source to funnel the energy laterally to an object. The Colorspan Displaymaker 72UVR UV Cartridge Reflector Assembly is compatible with the following models and part numbers:

  • DisplayMaker 72 UVR
  • DisplayMaker 72UVR
  • Display Maker 72 UVR
  • Display Maker 72UVR
  • 72UVR
  • 72 UVR
  • 72-UVR
  • SO 055A
  • SO055A
  • SO-055A
  • SO-055 A
  • SO-055-A
  • SO 055-A
  • SO 055 A
  • SO055 A
  • SO055-A
  • S0055A
  • S0 055A
  • SubZero SO 055A
  • SubZero SO055A
  • SubZero 055A

The graphic arts industry, automotive industry and other industries use UV curing systems. The reflectors transmit high reflectance of UV energy and at the same time suppress infrared and visible energy. Using a reflector improves durability and enhances the quality of your end products and boosts productivity. A reflector also saves energy and reduces the drying time and thus making your lamp eco-friendly.

*All UV cartridges listed are compatible brand UV products. We do not sell ColorSpan or UV Integration brand UV cartridges. All ColorSpan and UV Integration brand names, trademarks and logos are property of ColorSpan and UV Integration, respectively.

*Warning: Ultraviolet light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Use proper safety gear.

Note: stocks generic products that are 100% compatible with the original equipment.

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  • do you have ink profilers for colorspan displaymaker 72uvr

    No, we do not offer ink profilers.