Flowtron BK-80D insect killer features
Flowtron BK-80D insect killer features Main image Flowtron BK-80D Flowtron BK-80D Insect Killer box and packaging 110V Plug for Flowtron BK-80D Insect Killer Octenol Bait for Flowtron BK-80D Brass Ring for hanging Flowtron BK-80D Insect Killer

1-1/2 Acre Coverage Flowtron BK-80DK Insect Killer
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Eliminate flying pests in areas up to 1-1/2 Acres with this powerful dual action UV and Octenol Mosquito bait device.

UV alone will not eliminate mosquitoes adding Octenol Attractant does, that's what makes these units so effective. Now you can enjoy those BBQ's on long warm summer nights without ending up on the menu!  Without the need for harmful and expensive chemicals or pesticides this unit will quickly dispatch of unwanted flying pests by first attracting them with the included Ocentenol bait and light then zapping them with the high voltage electric grid. The uncontaminated insect remains then fall to the ground and get absorbed back into the earth. The poly-carbonate finish will not fade, rust or crack.  Easy bulb changes require no tools making this light virtually maintenance free.  Two year limited manufacturers warranty.

Product Specifications-

  • Metal and black poly-carbonate construction 
  • Coverage Area - 65,340Sq. Ft.
  • Outdoor use
  • Voltage - 120V
  • Wattage - 80W
  • Amps - 1.5A
  • Power Cord Length  - 9.0"


  • Width - 11.0"
  • Depth - 11.0"
  • Height - 18-1/2"
  • Weight - 7.5lbs

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