CureUV Brand Replacement for Dymax # 39381 Iron Doped replacement UV Curing Lamp / Bulb
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Dymax Wide-cure 25 inch Replacement UV Curing Bulb

Part no 39381, Model no R0720425D

This wide-cure 25" UV Lamp is 100% compatible for use in Dymax Automated UV Curing Systems model no. The Dymax UV conveyor has a range of curing applications. And now with this premium replacement lamp you'll be able to continue to provide quality curing finishes. 

This Bulb emits powerful UV irradiance at 400 Watts per inch this bulb is guaranteed to deliver effective, efficient and complete curing to your product 

Longwave Cure suitable for most curable materials 

Iron doped lamps emit UVA radiation in the longwave range of 366 nm and 440 nm. This irradiance is suitable for a wide range of curable materials making this lamp versatile in its curing application. It can be used to cure bulk substrates that require a deeper cure penetration like coatings, adhesives, lacquers or varnishes. 

Bulb Specifications 

Bulb Curing Length: 25 inches (63.5 cm)  
Peak Intensity: 900mW/cm2
Energy: 4.0 J/cm2 
Degradation: <20% degradation over 750 hours 
Power: 220 VAC at 60Hz; 80 Amps 


400 watts per inch 220 VAC at 60 Hz and 80 Amps 

Wide Cure Systematic Automation replacement UV bulb # R0720425D

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