CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter for UV Measurement
CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter for UV Measurement CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter for UV Measurement CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter for UV Measurement CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter for UV Measurement

CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter for UV Measurement
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How to check UV dosage of curing or sanitizing system – an affordable and easy to use meter   

This nifty device is great for measuring the UV dosage in automated or systematized UV curing or sanitizing processes, like photo-resist exposure, board printing systems, furniture finish production lines and PCB manufacturing. This device will allow you to understand and optimize your curing and sanitizing systems because you’ll be able predict required exposure time or dosage amounts needed to produce the best products.

How does it work?

The meter is equipped with an advanced UV sensor, able to detect UV radiation ranging from 230-280 nm (UVC) and 300-410 nm (UVA). Once exposed to UV light in the system, the device accounts for the intensity of the UV light emitted over the exposure time in order to calculate the overall UV dosage of your system. The device then gives the dosage measured as millijoules per centimeter squared (mJ/cm2)
So all you have to do is turn it on, place it on your conveyor belt/automated system and let the device take the reading. Simple as that! 


Cure Check Device Features 

Digital display 

6 digit LCD display screen with display range of 0-999,999mJ/cm2

    Spectral Range:

    UVA Version: measures from 300 to 410 nm.

    UVC Version: measures 230 to 280 nm

    Dimension - Small, Compact and Lightweight 

    With a Diameter of 90mm (9cm) (3.54”) and Height of 12mm (1.2cm) (0.47”) and Weight of 140g (0.3lbs) this device is compact enough to fit on any conveyor belt or automated UV curing system.
      *Please take care that there is sufficient height and width clearance to allow the UV Cure Check to pass freely without obstruction. If obstructed, the UV Cure Check may overheat and this could result in permanent damage. 


      Made of aluminium with an integrated heat shield able to withstand a maximum ambient temperature of 100 ° C for 10 seconds 

      Strong Power Supply 

      Lithium battery, 3.6V included with plastic case and calibration certificate. (calibration according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025; can be traced back to PTB)


        And because CureUV cares about adding value to your business we've also got the EIT UV Power Puck II for more advanced readings - millijoules, wattage, and a graphs. Check it our here

        UV radiation can be harmful to eyes so great care and safety should always be used with testing or using all UV related products



          Ask a Question
          • hello , what is the main difference this uv cure check device against uv power pack II.

            Grant, the main difference is: the CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter is for checking dosage ONLY and the EIT PowerPuck II measures dosage AND intensity.

          • Hello. I am interested how reports are look like? Does it show result for UVA,B,C in Jules and Watts? Is there and graph also?

            Hello Marko, this device checks dosage and shows it as mJ/cm² (millijoules per centimer squared) but doesn't display a graph. If you need to measure intensity or display millijoules, wattage, and a graph, we also offer the EIT UV Power Puck II:

            The EIT Power Puck has a graph illustrating the collected UV irradiance and energy for each of the UV bands. Data is expressed in mW/cm² vs. time.