CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter for UV Measurement
CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter for UV Measurement CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter for UV Measurement

CureUV Cure Check UV Dosimeter for UV Measurement
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Brand: CureUV

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  • Finally, an affordable method to check the health and drying performance of your UV machine.

    Eliminate unnecessary downtime to lamp life and reflector quality or curable material requirements to ensure that machine speed can be maximized. This measuring instrument measures the applied dose thereby examining the effects of UV lamp aging and contamination. It can be used where a conveyor belt (or similar) passes underneath UV lamps, e.g. in UV-curing ovens, photo-resist exposure systems, printed board exposure systems etc... which is typical in the furniture and printing industry, as well as PCB manufacturing and others where medium pressure UV lamps are used. Simply pass the UV Cure Check device in front of the UV and instantly see the UV dosage. The sensor receives the incoming UV radiation while passing the lamps in the range of 250 to 410 nm and integrates it over the exposure time. The total dose afterwards is displayed on the LCD in mJ/cm². Using the UV Cure Check makes it easy to anticipate the time and minimum UV dose needed to avoid uncured products and predict UV lamp or reflector quality. UV lamps can then be cleanded or replaced at the right time, i.e. not too soon to save costs and not too late, to prevent curing problems. Please take care that there is sufficient height and width clearance to allow the UV Cure Check to pass freely without obstruction. If obstructed, the UV Cure Check may overheat and this could result in permanent damage.

    • Art. No.: A002400
    • Display: 6 digit LCD
    • Measuring range: 1 - 5,000 mW/cm²
    • Display range: 0 - 999,999 mJ/cm²
    • Spectral range: 250 - 410 nm
    • Dimensions: Diameter: 90mm, Height: 12mm
    • Weight: Approx. 140g
    • Accuracy: ± 5%
    • Max. ambient temperature: 110° C for 10 seconds
    • Power Supply: Lithium battery, 3.6V
    • Current: 100 uA (up to approx. 10,000 hours)
    • Housing: Aluminum
    • Heat shield: Integrated
    • Included: Battery, plastic case, calibration certificate
    • Calibration: Acc. To DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025; can be traced back to PTB
  • Visible light is only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The short wave visible light we see with our eyes as violet. The shorter wave lengths, within the ultraviolet radiation range (range between 200 to 380 nm) cannot be seen. The ultraviolet range is acc. to DIN 5031-7 divided into: Full UV Spectrum 250 - 410 nm UV radiation is typically produced by mercury vapour, medium pressure lamps. Besides UV radiation the lamps produce infrared (heat; IR) energy and light radiation (VIS). Great care and safety should always be used when testing or using all UV-related products.

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