CureUV L70 Dental Curing Light

CureUV L70 Dental Curing Light
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Discover the innovative CureUV L70 Dental Curing Light, designed for optimal efficiency and precision in dental procedures. Enhance your dental practice with our cutting-edge Dental Curing Light, where simplicity and performance converge. 


  • Simple Operations: Featuring a clear display and intuitive functions, including a ramp mode, CureUV L70 Dental Curing Light ensures hassle-free usage for dental professionals of all levels. With its user-friendly interface, mastering the device is effortless.
  • Lightning-fast Cure Time: Equipped with a high-power 5W LED, CureUV L70 Dental Curing Light accelerates the curing process dramatically. Witness composites cure in just 10 seconds, covering over 0.11in (3mm) of surface area. 
  • Non-stop Performance: Our device boasts a smart heat-management system, preventing overheating even after prolonged and continuous use. Experience uninterrupted workflow without the worry of shutdowns due to overheating.
  • Versatile Power Options: Enjoy the flexibility of both cordless and corded operation. When the device's batteries run low, seamlessly transition to corded mode by simply plugging it in. Never be hindered by power constraints again.
  • Variety of Optical Fiber Light Guide Rods: Tailor your experience to your specific needs with our assortment of optical fiber light guide rods. Choose from 0.11in (3mm), 0.19in (5mm), or 0.31in (8mm) options in both black and transparent variants, ensuring optimal light transmission and precise application.

Technical Specifications:



Light source  High power dental blue 5 W LEO, average lifespan is 100,000 hours
Wavelength 440-480 nm, peak:460 nm
Radiant intensity  Up to 1000 mW/cm2
Light guide rod  08mm optical fiber - Sterilizable in autoclave
Weight  4.23oz (with battery & light guide rod) 
Dimensions  6.14 in 



Type Lithium-ion, 3. 7 V /800 mAh 
Charge time  About 2 hours 
Use time  40 Minutes 
(240 times in 10 Sec. mode) 


Power Supply

Type Mini USB jack 
Input  100~240 V, 50-60 Hz
Output  DC 5 V/2A


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