CureUV WoodFix-Thick Fill UV Curable Filler
CureUV WoodFix-Thick Fill UV Curable Filler CureUV WoodFix-Thick Fill UV Curable Filler

CureUV WoodFix-Thick Fill UV Curable Filler
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CureUV WoodFix-Thick Fill UV Curable Filler is specially designed for thick fill applications, it cures at 1/4" thickness and helps you restore the beauty of your wooden surfaces with ease. This gel filler is specially formulated with the latest UV-curable technology that dries quickly and hardens when exposed to UV light creating a thick and strong layer on the wood. It is an ideal solution for filling up to 1/4" thickness gaps, cracks, and imperfections on wooden surfaces.

WoodFix-Thick recommended application method is Manual-Pourable and can be used on a variety of wooden surfaces, including furniture, doors, cabinets, and more. It has near-zero VOCs and no HAPs, making it an environmentally friendly solution for your woodworking needs.

With WoodFix Filler, you can achieve a smooth and even finish on your wooden surfaces without the hassle of sanding or painting. 



  • UV curable.
  • Offers excellent hardness/scratch resistance and flexibility.
  • Near-zero VOCs and HAPs, making it environmentally friendly.

Recommended Usage:

  • Wood.


  • Hard surface.
  • A highly crosslinked composition has excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • Near zero VOCs and zero HAPs.
  • Non-flammable.
  • 100% UV-curable products don't evaporate or shrink.
  • No Mixing and ready to use right out of the container.
  • Guarantees more coverage per gallon.


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CureUV WoodFix UV Curable Filler

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