Dichroic Reflectors for GEW 13” Lamp #40958

Dichroic Reflectors for GEW 13” Lamp #40958
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Dichroic Replacement Reflectors for GEW 13" Lamp, model 40958 

Almost all UV LED products have reflectors. Because of how they reflect the light emitting from the lamp, reflectors are vital to obtaining and maintaining an efficient and effective UV curing system. 

These dichroic extruded reflectors are cost effective reflectors that are 100% compatible with those used in GEW 13 inch UV Lamps, model no 40958. They are guaranteed to fit and work at optimal levels. 

Easy DIY Fit  

When the current reflectors get old and worn this replacement is designed to slide into place with ease. 

Enhanced UV irradiating output 

These reflectors are extruded, shaped to reflect the UV light emission at optimal levels and angles right onto the surface to be cured or exposed. 

Thermal Optimization 

These reflectors are dichroic. This means that they are coated with a color (hence the purple tint) that filters light of differing wavelengths. The reflectors let heat generating Infrared light pass through, thereby only reflecting the needed UV light. In this way the reflectors: 

  • reduce the risk of damaging the cured surface with a high heat emission 
  • allow for UV system to operate at a cooler temperature 

With all these features the reflectors aid with extending the length of your lamp life. 

This is a 4 piece set of reflectors measuring 8.13" x 1.25" in length. 

If you're interested in any other reflectors or if you just have questions then just give us a call at 1(800) 977-7292 or send us an email - sales@cureuv.com


Dichroic Reflector set 8.13" x 1.25" (4 piece set)

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