Evoqua Water Technologies # W2T181871 replacement Germicidal Amalgam UV Bulb

Evoqua Water Technologies # W2T181871 replacement Germicidal Amalgam UV Bulb
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Evoqua Water Technologies #W2T181871 Replacement Germicidal Amalgam UV Bulb

This 98 Watt UV replacement bulb is 100% compatible with the Evoqua Water Technologies Bulbs used in water treatment, sterilization and filtration systems. It is compatible for use in systems that require part no W2T181871. And because here at CureUV we're committed to providing products that maintain and enhance healthy living we guarantee that with this premium germicidal UV bulb healthy water is exactly what you’ll get.

Bulb Application:

This bulbs is effective against a range of viruses, bacteria, protoza, mold and yeasts.

Our Evoqua Water Technology UV replacement Bulb is suitable to treat and sanitize water from a range of sources including:

Well Water | Drinking Water | Surface Water | Municipal Water | Wastewater | water used in Food & Beverage Service/Processing

Bulb Features:

This Amalgam bulb has specific design features that enhance the UV output:

  • Long Life Coating

The quartz glass has a unique coating that helps maintain its ability to transmit UV output at a high level. This coating increases the UV output lifespan of the bulb making efficient and effective for up to 16,000 hours of operation!

  • Low Cost and Low Maintenance Bulb

With this longer life you'll be able to save on maintenance costs because you’ll have to replace the bulb less frequently.

  • Durable bulb able to operate at high temperatures

This bulb has an optimal design able to withstand and function at temperatures of 90º. With such a high operating temperature the bulb can withstand influenza virusctuating temperatures.

Bulb Specifications

  • Wattage power: 98 watts
  • Dimensions: 26.5” in length
  • Base: 4 pin step base

We know that finding replacement parts can be tricky and at times confusing so if you have questions or just aren't sure then why not just give us a call at (561) 243-8442 or drop us a line at sales@cureuv.com.

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