Hallet # C300210 Replacement Germicidal Lamp

Hallet # C300210 Replacement Germicidal Lamp
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Replacement Ultraviolet Bulb for Hallett, model no C300210

This generic version of an Ultraviolet (UV) Bulb is a 100 % compatible with the bulb used in the Hallet system, model no C300210. This 4 pin UV Lamp is a 50 Watt mercury-filled lamp, and with an overall length of 21 inches it is the most cost effective replacement to keep your clean water running. 

Bulb Features 

  • Mercury Vapor fill - like the original this replacement bulb contains a premium mercury vapor fill that is specifically designed to generate and emit the necessary UV light spectrum for proper disinfection of water.  
  • Quartz Glass Tubing - this feature prevents harmful ozone from entering the atmosphere thus keeping your home safer than traditional old model bulbs. 
  • Long Lasting Bulb - this bulb is designed to offer 1 year of use before you require a new replacement; that's over 9 000 hours of uninterrupted purified water! 

Bulb Applications 

  • Replacement Bulb for the Hallett C300210 offers a cheaper but equally effective alternative
  • This bulb can be placed in the Hallett C300210 systems to irradiate effective UV emissions to purify and disinfect water from a range of sources including rain water, well water, municipal water from taps, and waste water for example.
  • Regardless of whether you need the Hallett C300210 model for use in residential or commercial locations, this bulb is suitable for either. For example: 
    • In clinics and hospitals this replacement bulb can be used to ensure  that the water given to patients won't compromise their healthy;
    • In spas and pools you'll be able to protect your guests and clients from potential water contamination.  
  • Effectively kills 99.9% of water contaminants such as yeast, cyst, bacteria, virus, E.Coli, protozoa contained in a range of water sources. 
  • Its a much better alternative to chemical purification because it does not alter the pH, taste or chemistry of water in the process.  
  • Shatter proof coating protects the bulb from damage during use. The coating makes it easy to maintain the treatment system by making it safe to dispose of glass if it shatters. 

    Bulb Specifications 

    Fill: Mercury 
    Watts: 50 Watts 
    Length: 21 inches (540 mm) 
    Base: B17
    Base Description: 4 Pin on one end 


    Other Model #'s:  E300210, NC15-50, NC15-75, Hallett 15XS, Upstream NC10-50

    We know that finding and securing replacement parts can be a little tricky at times. So if there's anything you are not sure about with this product or if you just have a question, then drop us an email at sales@cureuv.com or call at (561) 243-8442 (8:00 to 4.30 EST). 


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