Hapa Model 203 - Replacement UV Curing Lamp/Bulb AM8947

Hapa Model 203 - Replacement UV Curing Lamp/Bulb AM8947
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UV Curing lamp for Hapa Printer part number AM8947

This 17 inch, 4000 WPI UV Curing lamp bulb is 100% compatible to be used as a replacement for the following bulbs part numbers:

  • HAPA Printers, System no 203

Bulb Application 

The printing press changed the world. And since then printing techniques have evolved and innovated to provide pictures and words. One such innovation has been the use of UV curing to quick dry ink and create crisp and polished finishes. Now with this high quality curing lamp you'll be able to keep your printing operation at premium production levels and guarantee your worth!

    • The bulb produces high spectrum Iron Wavelength UV irradiance for a high quality curing finish.
    • And at 400 Watts per inch this bulb has a highly rated output performance.
    • What's more is that this bulb is designed to last with a lifespan of over 600 hours of use. 

    Bulb Specifications:

    • Arc Length: 17 inches 
    • Diameter: 0.94 inches
    • Doped - Iron (MH)
    Finding replacement parts can be tricky and at times confusing so if you have questions or just aren't sure then why not just give us a call at (561) 243-8442 or drop us a line at sales@cureuv.com



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