CureUV Curable Topcoat high gloss/slip UV for Wood - 1 Gallon

CureUV Curable Topcoat high gloss/slip UV for Wood - 1 Gallon
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This Topcoat is a High Gloss Urethane Acrylate UV curable wood coating designed especially for pool cues, composed of near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and near-zero hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).  It can be used as its own sealer as it is sandable and has excellent adhesion when applied over itself. 

Developed with UV Technology this coating allows the user to improve their work experience by optimizing the time between tasks thanks to its quick application and drying process, providing a safer alternative to traditional coatings and time-efficient, cost-effective higher results.

The High Gloss/Slip UV Topcoat for Wood is a low viscosity, 100% solids UV coating with excellent flow and leveling.  It also applies uniformly over sealed wood surfaces.  It is highly durable and exhibits superior impact resistance, demonstrating a good balance of hardness and flexibility.

The target market for this product has been the pool cue industry, although it has been used successfully for other applications.  It is recommended to be applied by spray or flow coating methods although other methods may be appropriate.

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