ILT 2400 Radiometer - RAMP and XSD
ILT 2400 Radiometer - RAMP and XSD ILT 2400 Radiometer - RAMP and XSD ILT 2400 Radiometer - RAMP and XSD ILT 2400 Radiometer - RAMP and XSD

ILT 2400 Radiometer - RAMP and XSD
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ILT 2400 Radiometer - The most advanced compact handheld radiometer. Lightweight, accurate, durable, with the ability to measure speeds up to 100 microseconds and wavelengths from 250 to 450 nm. 


ILT 2400 is a Radiometer composed of 2 part. One part is the Optometer, and the other part is the light meter. For the light meter you can choose between the RAMP and the XSD.
The RAMP is ideal for any UV light measurement in confined spaces.
The XSD provides the same accuracy with UV light measurements, but it also gives the best calibrated measurements for UV LEDs.

This device is the most advanced hand held radiometer currently in the market. It's software allows you to record a peak as brief as 100μS, and it lets you store up to 16 readings per second. Allows direct reading in the appropriate unit of measure including: lux, foot-candles, candela, lumens, watts, W/cm2, cd/m2, foot-lamberts, nits.


The ILT 2400 is a radiometer of research quality, at a handheld price. It is compact and ergonomic, and has an easy-to-use touchscreen.


Included in the purchase:

  • 1 ILT 2400 Optometer
  • 1 Sensor of choice (RAMP, XSD, or Waterproof)


ILT 2400 Optometer full color screen



  • General Purpose Light Measurements
  • Audience Scanning Laser Safety
  • Solar
  • Research
  • Photoresist - lithography
  • Phototherapy
  • Optical Radiation Hazard
  • Photo-degradation
  • Optical Radiation Hazard
  • Research
  • PPF & PPFD Plant Studies



  • Meter & Sensors with NIST Traceable ISO17025 Accredited Calibration
  • Rechargeable 8-hour battery
  • 4.3" touchscreen display
  • Portrait and Landscape mode
  • 8 Decade dynamic range of optical analysis
  • meter and sensors with NIST traceable ISO17025 Accredited Calibration
  • Auto-ranging with Smart Averaging
  • Measures speeds up to 100μS
  • Made in USA


Optometer specs:

  • Size: 1 3/5 " H x 3" W x 6" L  (40.6 x 76.2 x 152.4 mm)
  • Screen:  4.3" (109.2 mm) VGA touch screen with color display
  • Internal Memory: 4 GB
  • Operating Temperature:  0-40o C (32-104o F)
  • USB: Micro (data download), Mini (charging and data logging)
  • Detector/Sensor Connector15 pin
  • Measurement Range: 50 pA (picoampere) - 1mA (milliampere)
  • Bias: 5 V reverse bias
  • Ranging and Averaging: Automatic
  • PC Software: DataLight II
  • CE certified: No RF noise




RAMP light probe


This probe is designed to take spot irradiance  measurements in confined or harsh environments.

It is resistant, easy to maneuver, and provide the best reading possible of otherwise inaccessible areas.

The RAMP prove can measure wavelengths from 250-400 nm with high accuracy, which makes it the ideal probe for any type of UV light measurement in tight spaces. 

RAMP graph and bell curve



  • Fiber Dimensions: 3/8" diameter x 12" L (9.5 x 304.8 mm)
  • Head Dimensions: .85" L x .46" W x .47" H (21.6 x 11.7 x 12 mm)
  • Spectral Range: 250-400 nm
  • Dynamic Range: 5e-7 to 1e+2 W/cm²

CAUTION: Risk of heat damage, do not exceed 300o C (572o F)





ILT 2400 XSD puck


 This measuring puck is the ideal system for taking calibrated measurements of UV LEDs.

The XSD puck provides a near flat response over 350-410 nm. It is the best system to compare a variety of UV LEDs without having to modify your readouts due to changes in sensor sensitivity. These reading are possible thanks to a flattening filter and quartz diffuser, which offer the more uniform response in those key wavelength regions.
This system provides the same accuracy as the RAMP for other UV light sources as well.


XSD flattened response graph



  • Dimensions: .59" thickness x 1.7" diameter (15 x 42 mm)
  • Spectral Range:  275-450 nm
  • Dynamic Range:  5e-8 to 8e-1 W/cm2 (7e-8 to 1 W/cm2 with 7mm aperture) 

 Underwater Attachment:

Every underwater detector is pressure tested to 40 meters depth (60 psi). The 'W' quartz diffuser is required to withstand the pressures of underwater use. Filters are optional, with O-ring seals between all filter rings. Standard SUD detectors come on a 100 foot long, water-blocked cable (Polypropylene reinforced cables up to 600 feet available). The anodized aluminum components provide excellent corrosion resistance to salt water, for all-weather durability.

Underwater UV-C Radiometer



Data sheet Operating Tips  User Manual
ILT 2400 data sheet ILT 2400 operating tips User Manual




Computer icon Datalight III for Win with firmware v3.1.4.7

Computer icon Datalight III for Mac 

Computer icon Beam Intensity calculator

Computer icon Watts to Cm2 calculator

Computer icon Exposure Value/Lux converter

Computer icon Footcandle converter

Computer icon Inverse square calculator

Computer icon Lux to Lumens calculator

Computer icon QNDS calculator

Computer icon Firmware ONLY V3.1.4.7



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