ILT800 CureRight Radiometer
ILT800 CureRight Radiometer ILT800 CureRight Radiometer ILT800 CureRight Radiometer OLED display interface ILT800 CureRight Radiometer ILT800 CureRight Radiometer ILT800 CureRight Radiometer

ILT800 CureRight Radiometer
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The ILT800 is the ideal heavy duty Radiometer for validating required dosages and compare baseline readings across production lines.


The ILT800 CureRight Radiometer is a high end, top of the line radiometer that allows you to measure a range of UV spectral outputs emitted by your curing or sanitizing systems. This device is compact and heavy duty to withstand use in a range of industries. 
This device is feature-rich and delivers unmatched flexibility as it can be configured to your unique needs and environment.
Some of the programmable settings include minimum light level threshold, time to auto shutoff, lamp-to-lamp measurement interval / delay, and auto/manual/live measurement modes.
The ILT800 can measure and validate any type of UV sources including conveyor belt, flood, area, spot light, oven, side cure, fiber optic, 180° curing, collimated beam, pulse and traditional UV lamps, LEDs, 3D printing, and more.
ILT800 is the only radiometer available on the market with Device ID. This feature allows users to program 20 unique source/system information, which allows users to store and export baselines and historical data for all their systems.
Get access to all the functions and features you need in one economically priced meter!


  • Manual, Auto, and Live mode options*
  • 3000 samples per second
  • Store up to 1000 profiles
  • Integration for up to 10 minutes
  • Can measure pulsed and continuous sources
  • Profiling is standard
  • Record date, time, and temperature
  • Linear response
  • Clear OLED display
  • Made in USA

* Manual mode: user starts and stops | Auto mode: starts to measure as soon as enough light is applied | Live mode: instant feedback of irradiance and dosage 

ILT 800 in use


ILT800 other use


ILT800 readout


ILT 800 specs sheet






 ILT800 Brochure ILT 800 User's manual Cureright quickstart




computer icon Datalight CureRight Software v1.1.2 and Firmware v1.1.2.7

computer icon ILT800 Firmware only v1.1.2.7


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