IST part # I330-NA-2-H replacement UV Curing Lamp/Bulb

IST part # I330-NA-2-H replacement UV Curing Lamp/Bulb
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Replacement Ultraviolet Bulb for IST System Curing 

This is an exact match replacement UV curing bulb for the IST UV systems. If your IST UV system requires part number I330-NA-2-H, then this generic bulb will function as replacement with the exact same specifications, both in power and fit, as the original bulb. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive replacement that will keep your production running then CureUV has was you’re looking for.

 Bulb Applications 

  • Mercury vapour filled lamp 

This bulb contains the standard mercury fill vapour which irradiates high wavelength UV-C light that cures inks, resins and coatings deeply and quickly, making it the perfect UV lamp for your IST system. 

  • High Quality Cure 

At 500WPI this lamp offers a deep, quick and lasting cure to give all you products the quality finish they require. 

  • Long Lasting Bulb 

This bulb with is premium exact match design will last for up to 600 hours of usage. 

Bulb Specifications 

Quartz: Standard 
Length: 16.3 inch (414 mm)
Arc length: 13 inch (330 mm)
Life time: 600 hours 

"I don’t know for sure whether this bulb is what I need". If this is what you’re thinking, we get it, finding replacements parts with all their numbers, codes and specification can be confusing. Don’t give up. Give us a call instead at (561) 243-8442 or drop us a line at and we’ll know for you.


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