LEDCure - Standard or Profiling LED Radiometer
LEDCure - Standard or Profiling LED Radiometer LEDCure - Standard or Profiling LED Radiometer LEDCure - Standard or Profiling LED Radiometer LEDCure - Standard or Profiling LED Radiometer LEDCure - Standard or Profiling LED Radiometer

LEDCure - Standard or Profiling LED Radiometer
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 LEDCure is the only Radiometer designed specifically to measure your LED bulbs. Easy to use and intuitive, with graph and comparison modes. It can even measure individual performance of a bulb in a multi-LED system.

 The LEDCure is an industrial radiometer which was designed to accurately measure the energy generated by LED sources. 
It was crated to be able to measure all the individual optical components, not just the overall response of the optical filter. This provides consistent, repeatable, and accurate readings from run to run, unit to unit, and source to source.

LEDCure displays irradiance (W/cm2), irradiance profile (W/cm2 as a function of time), and energy density (J/cm2). It can also display data in different modes including graph and reference, and has a smooth reading mode.

EIT LEDCure Profiling


  • "Standard" version displays data set on the screen in either Graph or Reference mode.
  • "Profiler" version shows the data as the Standard PLUS has the ability to load data onto a computer (with the PowerView software*) for further analysis.
    • Allows for easy comparison of different LEDs, power level, height above substrate and exposure time/line speed changes.
  • High dynamic range (40 W/cm2)
  • User changeable batteries (2 AAA)
  • Both versions available in the following L-bands:
    • L365 Spectral Response covers 340-392 nm
    • L385 Spectral Response covers 360-412 nm
    • L395 Spectral Response covers 370-422 nm
    • L405 Spectral Response covers 380-432 nm 

 *The LEDCure Profiler works with both, PowerView III or PowerView II software.

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Instrument Responsiveness:

LEDs usually specify a Center WaveLength in which they work ± 5 nm.
For a CWL of 395nm the source should fall between 390-400nm. Based on energy distribution of LEDs, however, the reading would fall between 370-244 nm with a flat response across the top.

Here is what the ideal L-band would look like:

Ideal L-band graph

Below is the graph of ACTUAL READINGS performed by the LEDCure.

Actual L-band reading graph


The LEDCure has several L-bands available to fit your specific needs



L385 Spectral Response 360 - 412 (FWHM, 50 nm; Tolerance ± 2 nm); Out of Band, 4 OD Blocking
L395 Spectral Response 370 - 422 (FWHM, 50 nm; Tolerance ± 2 nm); Out of Band, 4 OD Blocking
L405 Spectral Response 380 - 432 (FWHM, 50 nm; Tolerance ± 2 nm); Out of Band, 4 OD Blocking
Dynamic Range 40 W/cm²
Operating Range 400 mW/cm² to 40 W/cm²    Note: Operating Range provides best performance.
Unit will "turn on" and display data at much lower irradiance values
Spatial Response Approximately cosine
Accuracy ± 10% of reading plus ± 0.2% of full scale.  Typical ± 5% or better
Repeatability ± 1-3% typical; dependent on source and equipment (conveyor) stability, unit alone better than 1%
Calibration Units are supplied with NIST traceable calibration certificate
Smooth Modes Smooth On: Effective Sample rate of 25 samples/seconds
Smooth OFF: Effective Sample rate of 2048 samples/seconds
Smooth PROFILER: Effective Sample rate of 128 samples/seconds
Sample Rate for Profiling The LEDCure Profiler uses a fixed sample rate of 128 samples/seconds for profiling. For best matching between instrument display and PowerView Software® II values, use Smooth PROFILER mode
Memory Capacity for Profiling The memory capacity of the LEDCure in Profiler Mode is sufficient to collect data > 100 minutes
PowerView Software® III National Instruments LabVIEW based programming designed Windows 7-10.
Collected data stored in LabVIEW based *.tdms files
Display Easy to Read, Yellow Text on Black Background, Display Brightness User Adjustable
Operating Temperature 0 - 75° C Internal temperature; withstands high external temperatures for short periods (audible alarm indicates when temperature has exceeded upper limit)
Time-Out Period 2 minutes DISPLAY mode (no key activity)
Battery / Battery Life 2 user-replaceable AAA Alkaline Cells, Approximately 20 hours display on
Instrument Dimensions and Materials 4.60 x 0.50 inches; 117 mm x 12.7 mm (D x H), Aluminum & Stainless Steel
Instrument Weight  10.1 ounces (289 grams)
Carrying Case Supplied with carrying case, cut plyurethane foam interior, scuff resistant nylon exterior cover.
Size: 10.75 x 3.5 x 7.75 inches; 274 x 89 x 197 mm (W x H x D), Weight: 9 ounces (260 grams)

Documents and Software:

LEDCure Brochure LEDCure User Manual  LEDCure Feedback

The LEDCure Profile works with both, PowerView III (x32 or x64 available) or PowerView II software.

For access to the software download please complete the form below.
Be sure to provide the L-band of your Profiler unit and what version of the software you would like to receive

  • PowerView II
  • PowerView III x 32
  • PowerView III x 64

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