UV Curing - LightRite UV Headlight Restoration And Repair Value Pak
UV Curing - LightRite UV Headlight Restoration And Repair Value Pak UV Curing - LightRite UV Headlight Restoration And Repair Value Pak UV Curing - LightRite UV Headlight Restoration And Repair Value Pak UV Curing - LightRite UV Headlight Restoration And Repair Value Pak UV Curing - LightRite UV Headlight Restoration And Repair Value Pak UV Curing - LightRite UV Headlight Restoration And Repair Value Pak

LightRite UV Headlight Restoration and Repair Value Pak
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LightRite LRK1 UV Headlight Restoration Package with a Lifetime Warranty

The LightRite UV headlight restoration and repair value pak restores faded and yellowing headlamps to like-new condition. Includes guaranteed lifetime warranty.

Sunlight can cause immense damage on plastic headlight lenses. Due to oxidation and fogging, the clarity of the lenses are heavily compromised. This can have a negative effect on their ability to emit light. Both DIY hobbyists and full service auto repair shops value the Light Rite headlight restoration repair kits as they are easy to use and highly efficient in repairing and restoring vehicle headlights.

This simple value pack is designed to restore headlight clarity and provide a long lasting UV protective clear coat. While enhancing the look of your car, this DIY kit also improves night-time visibility.

Light Rite UV headlight lens restore performance

The LightRite UV headlight restore value pack includes:
  • 1 Aerosol Can - Services 1 Vehicle
  • 2 Sheets of 600 Grit Wet Sandpaper
  • 2 Alcohol Wipes
  • 2 Lint-Free Towels
  • 1 Instruction Sheet (English and Spanish)
  • Warranty Card

LightRite Headlight Restoration Instructions Sheet (PDF)

LightRite Head Lamp Restoration Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

LightRite Headlight Repair - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

The Advantages of LightRite Headlamp Restoration (PDF)

Customer Reviews

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So this is a note to the manufacturer's thank you for taking your time to figure out THEE BEST HEADLIGHT RESTORATION product out there 😍and to all you DIY people I've been using their products for over 8 years I still use the cut and buff way because a lot of people can not afford this route with the literite you have to charge accordingly as the product does also cost you. I highly recommend it all the way a former client of mine just thee other day told me its been over 8 years that I did his headlight restoration and its barely wearing off so if that's not enough for you I don't what is lol take a chance on it just remember follow the steps they give you its as easy as that and also I strongly recommend that depending how bad your lights are to start with a 400 grit wet and dry and please be sure to sand your lights evenly and then with the 600 grit wet and dry due to some lights wear very very unevenly! Enjoy thee results ya'll 😃

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M Kibler
Works great

You need good skills at spraying to do it well. But once done, it really works. Not like other cheap kits which just have you snad of the old worn out UV coating and then polish the plastic, which will go bad quickly.

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Excellent, Best I have tried

This is the best stuff out there, protects for very long term, only thing is they are stingy with the amount. It takes 1 or 2 times to get the hang of applying it and this spray bottle only has 1 or 2 applications. Once you get used to the application process, it like magic. I do headlights as a side job and if this was just a little better priced I would used it exclusively, but do to cost, I only offer it as an upgrade as I can offer a Lifetime Warranty (the bulk pkg has card you can give your customers). Best stuff out there...

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Coating works good

This product works surprisingly well, good clarity, great protection and cures fast in sunlight.

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Ask a Question
  • How's the lifetime warranty work

    Hello Michael, in the event the LightRite coating is found to be defective under this warranty, the manufacturer will replace the item. The warranty becomes void if the product is subjected to abuse or improper handling. The LightRite formula has been tested under SAE J2527 2004-02 protocols at major automotive weathering labs. If the coating should ever become cloudy or faded, the product will be replaced; labor cost is not included. It is highly recommended to avoid using a high pressure curing system on the lens. This warranty is also limited to the original purchaser and is not transferrable.

    This LightRite kit includes a warranty card inside with further instructions and details. Please contact the manufacturer directly for product warranty service.