Resin - Loctite 3301 Light Cure Adhesive - Part # 19733 - 25mL Syringe

Loctite 3301 Light Cure Adhesive - Part # 19733 - 25mL Syringe
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Light Cure Adhesive 19733 25mL Syringe

The Loctite 3301 Light Cure Adhesive - Part # 19733 - 25ml Syringe is an instant light cure adhesive that works well for bonding rigid or flexible PVC to polycarbonate. The colorless transparent adhesive enables the easy assembly of components that have close fitting tolerances.

The thixotropic nature of UV adhesive reduces the migration of liquid product after application to the substrate. The light cure adhesive syringe shows excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including glass, many plastics and most metals. Suitable for use in the assembly of disposable medical devices.

This adhesive forms a flexible and transparent bond when exposed to ultraviolet radiation and/or visible light of sufficient intensity. You can speed up the bonding time with the help of an activator. The adhesive reduces stress cracking on plastics and also cures with the help of UV blocked and tinted substrates. It works with the following part numbers:

  • 19733
  • 079340-19733
  • 079340197336
  • 475362

When to use the adhesive:

Typically for bonding polycarbonate to itself, while not inducing stress cracking under typical molded stress levels

This UV adhesive is considered hazardous in International or Air shipments. Customer must provide a certified shipping carrier for shipments other than Ground.


  • High-speed cure on demand
  • For stress-sensitive plastics
  • Optical clarity
  • 1-part system
  • Tack free time: > 30 seconds
  • Fixturing time: 12 seconds

Loctite 3301 - 25mL Adhesive MSDS (PDF)

Loctite 3301 - 25mL Adhesive TDS (PDF)

A Note on Shelf Life:
On all Loctite products, we guarantee that there will be 90 days of remaining shelf life when your items ship. If you are in need of longer remaining shelf life, please include that in your order notes and we will accommodate or reach out to you if it is not possible.

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