UV Equipment - Loctite UVALOC 1000 UV Cure Chamber - Part Number 805741
UV Equipment - Loctite UVALOC 1000 UV Cure Chamber - Part Number 805741 UV Equipment - Loctite UVALOC 1000 UV Cure Chamber - Part Number 805741

Loctite UVALOC 1000 UV Cure Chamber - Part Number 805741
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  • Technical Data:
    Input Voltage: 240 VAC; 50-60 Hz
    Pneumatic supply required: 60-90 psi
    Pneumatic supply tubing: 6mm
    Power Consumption: 1200 watts
    Dimensions: WxHxD
    Exterior of unit: 12" x 29 1/4" x 17"
    Cure Chamber: 9" x 12" x 13 3/4"
    Cure area: 6.3 inches wide by 6.3 inches deep
    Weight: 57 lbs.

    Dimensions of the Loctite UVALOC 1000 UV Curing Chamber

    The Loctite UVALOC 1000 UV Cure Chamber, part number 805741, is a high-performance modular curing system consisting of a cure chamber, lamp housing and controller. The key feature of this unit is the lamp intensity is continually monitored and a low-level output condition can be established to ensure optimal curing performance.

    The chamber has four rack levels to accommodate a slide-in tray that allows for easy positioning of parts of various heights at the level of optimum exposure. A perforated aluminum plate allows positioning of customized part holders.

    The lamp is shielded by a timed control shutter that eliminates UV exposure to operators during loading or unloading of parts. A door safety switch prevents opening while exposure is in progress. The cure time is controlled by the built-in timer and can be operated in a continuous or timed mode. The exposure cycle is triggered by footswitch, panel-mount start button or PLC interface.

    Chamber Features:
    -Typical UV irradiance is up to 110 mW/cm2 depending upon selection of 4-position rack height.
    -Dual power setting of 500 or 1000 watts permits curing of temperature-sensitive parts without damage by heat.
    -Digital timer allows for setting exposure time from 3 seconds to 15 minutes in one-second increments.
    -Pneumatically operated shutter prevents exposure of UV to operators.
    -Safety door interlock switch prevents opening of the door while the shutter is open.
    -Built-in over-temp protection in the controls automatically shuts the lamp off on a high temp condition.
    -Effective cure area of 6.3 inches wide by 6.3 inches deep (160 mm x 160 mm).
    -Parabolic shaped reflector generates a uniformly illuminated radiation area.
    -Standard lamp included is mercury vapor lamp; 365 nm wavelength.
    -1,000 hours of expected UV bulb life with proper handling and maintenance.

    Chamber Includes:
    -Lamp housing
    -Curing cabinet
    -UV bulb (pure mercury vapour)
    -UV intensity sensor and built-in digital intensity display
    -Lamp housing connector cord
    -AC Power cord (pig-tale wire ends)
    -Operating Manual

    RoHS Compliance Status: Not Determined

    Loctite UVALOC 1000 UV Cure Chamber - Product Description Sheet (PDF)
    Loctite UVALOC 1000 UV Cure Chamber - Equipment Operation Manual (PDF)
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