Loctite ZETA 7415 Electrodeless UV Curing Conveyor and Fusion UV Assembly
Loctite ZETA 7415 Electrodeless UV Curing Conveyor and Fusion UV Assembly Loctite ZETA 7415 Electrodeless UV Cure Conveyor and Fusion UV Assembly Loctite ZETA 7415 Electrodeless UV Curing Conveyor and Fusion UV Assembly

Loctite ZETA 7415 Electrodeless UV Curing Conveyor and Fusion UV Assembly
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  • Loctite ZETA 7415 UV Conveyor Technical Data:

    Utilities: 117 VAC single phase, 1 amp, 50/60 Hz or can be configured for 230 VAC single phase
    Overall dimensions: 27.4" (694.9 mm) high x 42" (1066.8 mm) wide x 20" (508 mm) deep
    Weight: 85 lbs.

    Loctite ZETA 7415 Ultraviolet Curing Conveyor Dimensions

    Fusion UV Electrodeless Lamp Assembly and Power Supply Technical Data:

    Lamp Power: 300 w/inch - 1800 watts total
    - Lamp Assembly: 30 lbs.
    - Power Supply: 68 lbs.
    - Lamp Assembly: 6.7" L x 8.2" W x 20" H
    - Power Supply: 14" W x 7" H x 15.8" D
    Power Requirements: 18 amps, single phase

    The ZETA 7415 Electrodeless UV Conveyor is a bench top, variable speed conveyor that accepts parts up to 3 inches high by 7-1/2 inches wide. The unit is designed to accept a 6 inch Fusion electrodeless H bulb lamp system (shown in photo but sold separately). The lamp can be mounted parallel or perpendicular to conveyor and the height setting can be varied from 2 to 5.5 above the belt. The light source is compatible with D, V, and H bulbs to tailor the spectral output of the light to the application. The expected bulb life is 5,000 hours. The belt speed of the conveyor has two settings; the high speed setting ranges from 3.3 to 23 FPM and the low speed setting ranges from 0.3 to 7.2 FPM. Includes integrated modular blower for lamp cooling.

    The electrodeless ZETA 7415 UV Cure Conveyor is a high quality UV cure system which is well suited for most UV applications. Process development and testing along with small scale light curing production are typical applications. Good for use in confined and exposed bondline applications.

    Zeta 7415 System Contents:
    - Operation manual
    - Ultraviolet protection glasses


    UV cure rate is dependent on lamp intensity, distance from the light source, depth of cure needed or bondline gap and the light transmittance of the substrate through which the radiation must pass. Loctite Corporation recommends that you test all adhesive applications under simulated or actual end use conditions to ensure the adhesive meets or exceeds all required product specifications. Refer to the Loctite Light Cure Product Selector Guide and product Technical Data Sheets for curing specifications and performance.

    Electrodeless Fusion UV Lamp Assembly and Power Supply:

    The lamp assembly has a rapid start and restart feature that eliminates a requirement for shutters and associated shutter mechanisms. High UV and low IR output gives maximum ultraviolet output with minimum infrared heat on the substrate materials. Rapid bulb change or replacement can be accomplished in minutes. Full cure width maintained throughout bulb life. No blackening at bulb ends; therefore, no decrease in cure width.

    The Power Supply incorporates an on/off/standby control. Allows easier, quicker start-up procedures. Safety interlocks. Lamp output monitored to eliminate product scrap or loss. The control board can be pulled out for easy service and component change. Full fault indicator array. If any section of the UV curing system fails, controls indicate the location of the failure. Master/slave option. For multiple power supply configurations the user can program the master power supply to control others.

    Fusion UV Lamp Assembly and Power Supply Contents:
    - Lamp Assembly and Power Supply
    - Instruction Manual
    - "H" Electrodeless Bulb

    Available in either 208 VAC or 240 VAC to match the electrical capabilities at the customer's location.

    Loctite ZETA 7415 UV Curing Conveyor System - Product Description Sheet (PDF)
    Loctite UV ZETA 7415 Curing Conveyor System - Equipment Operation Manual (PDF)
    Fusion UV Lamp Electrodeless System and Power Supply - Product Description Sheet (PDF)
    Fusion UV Lamp Electrodeless System and Power Supply - Equipment Operation Manual (PDF)

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