Flood Lamps - UV-A Flood Curing Lamp - 250 Watts
Flood Lamps - UV-A Flood Curing Lamp - 250 Watts Flood Lamps - UV-A Flood Curing Lamp - 250 Watts

UV-A Flood Curing Lamp - 250 Watts
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250 Watt UV Flood Curing Lamp PAR38

The UV-A Flood Curing Lamp - 250 Watts is an efficient replacement lamp bulb for our handheld UVA Spotlight and also works for the Dual Tripod UVA Lamp Fixture.

The UV flood lamp bulb helps in delivering concentrated light mainly in the UV-A range (320-390 nm wavelength). Designed to cure UV curable material that does not necessarily need high intensity to initiate a photo-reaction, the UV A curing lamp bulb helps you achieve "tack-free" cures for hobbyist and low intensity needs. This can be achieved typically in 10-30 seconds.

For a more robust solution to utilize in a lab or production environment, please see our UV curing systems.

The installation of medium pressure UV lamps is predominant specifically where UV-reactive paints or coatings are used. When exposed to UV radiation, the photo initiators within the substances create a reaction between the ink and the lacquer.

The UV curing flood lights are used in a wide variety of applications that include: UV bonding, UV sealing, and UV encapsulating.

Technical Specifications:

  • 250 watts
  • PAR38
  • Mercury Vapor
  • 120 Volt
  • Flood medium base

Intensity Measurements:

  • 230 mw/cm2 of UVA 365nm at 2"
  • 65 mw/cm2 of UVA 365nm at 6"
  • 16 mw/cm2 of UVA 365nm at 12"
Measurements taken with an EIT PowerPuck II. 




    Ask a Question
    • I bought the 250 Watt UV Flood Curing Lamp PAR38. I turn it on for 3 minutes turn it off and ot won't turn back on for 20 minutes what's going on. It is pretty hot

      Hello, thanks for reaching out. This is unfortunately not a problem but a common fact of any arc lamp. Arc lamps cannot be turned on while hot. This is called a hot-restrike. For any arc lamp, UV or otherwise, you must wait until they cool down for the gases and mercury to go back to their original levels and to light again. This is why at large arenas, when they "turn" the lights off, they simply move shutters over the bulbs as opposed to actually cutting power to the lights.

    • is mW for milliwatts or microwatts? Irradiance seems very high (100x higher than expected), which is great if it's true.

      mW is milliwatts. Thanks!

    • I am working on a process for finishing guitar tops (not backs and sides) with "Solarez Polyester Gloss Resin". This product works very quickly when MEKP and sunlight are combined. However, I have many days when sunlight is obscured by clouds or rain. Will this bulb (250 watt UVA flood curing lamp) provide the necessary energy to catalyze the Solarez indoors when rain and / or clouds prohibit outside use? Would I be better off to build a foil cabinet and mount multiple bulbs in that cabinet? Thanks in advance for the advice.

      This 250 watt bulb should be more than capable of curing the Solarez effectively.

    • Which is the connector of the lamp? And does it work at 120 V, 60 Hz?

      Yes, this lamp operates with standard 120V output. It connects with our handheld UV flood cure spotlight and our dual UV tripod flood cure unit.

    • As "The UV flood lamp bulb helps in delivering concentrated light mainly in the UV-A range (320-390 nm wavelength)", does the 250 Watts measured from UV light only?

      Our 250 Watt UV flood lamp operates in the ideal range of UV-A light at 365nm.

    • Is there a measurement of the Intensity for the bulb?

      Sean, this bulb is 250 watts. The UV intensity can be measured in mW/cm^2 (energy per square centimeter received per second) and mJ/cm^2 (energy received per unit area in a given time).