Germicidal UV Bulbs - TUV PL-L 36W/4P Compatible UV Light Bulb For Germicidal Air/Water Treatment

TUV PL-L 36W/4P Compatible UV-C Light Bulb for Germicidal Air/Water Treatment
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Guaranteed Replacement Ultraviolet (UV) Bulb - 4 Pin - 36 Watts - 18 Inch Length Lamp - Worry Free Performance for 1 Year

The TUV PL-L 36W/4P Compatible UV Light Bulb For Germicidal Air/Water Treatment is a guaranteed compatible replacement UV filter that has an UV wattage of 12W. The germicidal bulb has an average longevity of 9000 hours after which we recommend that you replace the light bulb for efficient performance of the system.

UV method is a preferred method of water treatment as it employs UV light at a particular wavelength and disrupts the DNA of microorganisms. The replacement light bulb is compatible with germicidal OEM water disinfection filters, UV water purifiers and sanitizers. It has the ability to destroy 99.9% harmful organisms in water. While this method effectively destroys the genetics of microorganisms it does not alter the pH, taste or chemistry of water in the process. This method is a good option against chemicals such as chlorine and their byproducts. The system provides protection against yeast, cyst, virus and bacteria.

Disclaimer: These are not equivalent to Honeywell UV bulb replacements. There are no cuts or notches on the base of the end fitting. If you're looking for the compatible 36 watt Honeywell replacement bulb (with notches on the base), click here.

Common Applications:

  • Well water
  • Drinking water
  • Surface water
  • Municipal water
  • Wastewater
  • Food service/processing
  • Beverage service/processing
  • Hospitals
  • Aquaculture
  • Pools, Spas and Water Features
  • Chemicals
  • Oil, Gas and Power
  • Pulp, paper and wood
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hotels
  • Water bottlers
  • Laboratories
  • Marine and more

Technical Specifications:

  • Length: 16 Inches
  • Wattage: 36W
  • Ultraviolet Wattage: 12W
  • Tube: Twin 4 Pin
  • Average Longevity: Up to 9000 hours

*Hg - Lamp contains mercury - manage in accordance with your local disposal laws by visiting:

*Warning: Ultraviolet UV-C light is harmful to your eyes and skin. Use proper safety gear.

Note: stocks generic products that are 100% compatible with the original equipment.


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