Pocket UVC Ultraviolet Light Dosimeter

Pocket UVC Ultraviolet Light Dosimeter
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The UVD50A pocket dosimeter provides convenient and accurate confirmation of UVC ultraviolet light dose. Slightly smaller than an Oreo® cookie, it easily fits in a pocket and operates continuously for five years on a coin cell.

Unlike single-use color-changing dose cards and dots, the UVD50A provides clear confirmation of UVC dose. Pushing the button lights one of five blue LEDs to indicate which UVC dose level has been reached. The dosimeter always displays the last dose by automatically restarting dose accumulation if no UVC has been detected for more than one hour.

Long-term accuracy is assured by factory calibration at 253.7nm using a NIST-traceable reference power meter.

Technical Specifications:

  • UVC Measurement Wavelength: 253.7nm calibration point Contact UVCense for use at different UVC wavelengths
  • UVC Dose Thresholds: 10, 25, 50, 75, 100mJ/cm2 (dose reset by holding button)
  • UVC Dose Threshold Accuracy: ±4% ±1mJ/cm2 (NIST-traceable calibration meter) Over 0°C to 50°C operating temperature range
  • UVC Power Dynamic Range: 4µW/cm2 to 40mW/cm2 (10,000 : 1 dynamic range)
  • Sensor Field of View: 110° (±55°) cone above UVC sensor
  • Cosine Correction Excellent: cosine correction within field of view
  • Auto-reset Function: Dosimeter automatically restarts dose accumulation if no UVC has been detected for more than one hour
  • Battery Life: Approximately five years from a single CR2032 coin cell
  • Dosimeter Dimensions: 39.6mm diameter x 10.6mm thick 1.56 in diameter x 0.42 in thick
  • Warranty: One year limited warranty


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