UV Equipment - Power-Shot Benchtop UV Cure System - Guitar Finishing - Starter Kit
UV Equipment - Power-Shot Benchtop UV Cure System - Guitar Finishing - Starter Kit UV Equipment - Power-Shot Benchtop UV Cure System - Guitar Finishing - Starter Kit UV Equipment - Power-Shot Benchtop UV Cure System - Guitar Finishing - Starter Kit

Power-Shot Benchtop UV Cure System - Guitar Finishing - Starter Kit
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Guitar Finishing UV Cure System 

Your musical taste can say a lot about you. Likewise as Luthier or guitarist, how you make your instrument probably says more. The look, tone and feel of your instrument is in some ways a representation of you. And if making quality guitars is what you are about then this Benchtop UV Cure System Guitar Finishing kit will definitely strike a chord!  

Ideal for small to medium production volumes this unit will definitely add value to you operations!


The high solid content of the coatings means you don’t have to wait around for the evaporation of VOC. Instead the UV lamp light function instantly dries and seals the coating for a great finish.



The kit comes with premium wood oil sealer, wood gel filler and a wood top finishing coat to give your guitars a clear, wet look finish that lasts. These guitar coatings require no mixing and once dry offer more coverage with less shrinkage over the years.



The compact design is suitable for permanent mounting for an efficient curing system but if flexibility in production is what you require then you can also leave the unit as is, to be moved and positioned as and how you require 



There is virtually no learning curve when it comes to how to use this device - the simple and high tech design makes it easy to use and quick to set up. If you’re not sure why not check out this short demo video and have a look at our application guide


It features a convenient nesting station, which provides safe placement for the UV cure irradiater head during standby operation


Nitro v Poly v UV-C cure: How does UV-C Cure technique compare to other traditional finishing methods?

  • Unlike Nitro Lacquer (“nitro”), whose chemical composition is harmful to the environment, the UV-C cure technique is environmentally green friendly. The only risk is exposure to UV-C light but with our protective gear, included when you buy this unit, there is no need to worry!
  • UV-C cure finishes are extremely durable and scratch resistant as compared to Nitro finishes which tend to crack and turn yellow as the wood of the guitar ages.
  • Although Polyurethane/Polyester and Nitro finishes are fairly fast-drying, UV-C instantly cures the guitar finish reducing you overall production time. making it easier to meet deadlines. 
  • UV-Cure finishes require a very thin top-coat spray which does not weigh done the vibration ability of the wood, adding to the overall tone and quality of sound

Whatever your actual preference, the cure UV-C kit will give you more options.


This kit comes with everything you need to start and finish curing faster and easier

1. Power shot Bench-top curing System which includes:

  • Power Supply Unit
  • Hand held irradiator
  • Stand-by Nest

device specs
2. UV Cure coating finishing products
    • UV Cure Insulator Sealer - Oily Wood - 1 Gallon: The UV Cure Insulator Sealer lets the natural beauty come through while sealing any oil from penetrating additional coatings that may be applied. It also provides superior bonding strength for other UV coatings.
    • UV Cure Wipe On Gel Filler - Wood - 1 Gallon: The UV Cure Wipe On Gel Filler fills the wood grain with a simple wipe on method.
    • UV Cure Premium Clear Wet-Look Finish Topcoat - Wood - 1 Gallon: The UV Cure Premium Clear Wet-Look Finish Topcoat provides a clear, wet looking appearance that adds to the depth and beauty of what lies beneath.

      3. Protective Gear 

      • Tyvek coverall
      • Weldmark Blue Ghost Flame "Steel Works" Variable Shade Welding Helmet
      • Protective Gloves 

      UV Coating application guidelines

      HVLP Gun Settings for UV Coatings 

       As with everything else we offer, CureUV's personalized and knowledgeable technical support staff is dedicated to help with your specific requirements. If you have questions, call and you can speak directly to an Applications Expert with extensive product knowledge and hands-on expertise. Call us at 1(800) 977-7292 between 8am and 4:30pm EST or drop us a line at sales@cureuv.com

      When ordering this product, you must use Over-sized Heavy LTL Freight as your shipping method. Freight cost is for the Continental United States only. Other areas may require additional freight charges.

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      • what are the steps for the UV finish is it insulator filler then top coat?

        Hello, that is correct. A lot of our customers use the video below as a quick and useful guide. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

        useful video for UV curing guitars

      • What is the opened and unopened shelf life of the various UV cure products suitable for guitars?

        The shelf life should be a solid 12 months if you keep it in a cool, dry area.