Power-Shot 2400 Benchtop UV Cure System for Guitar Finishing - Starter Kit
Power-Shot 2400 Benchtop UV Cure System for Guitar Finishing - Starter Kit Power-Shot Benchtop UV Cure System - Guitar Finishing - Starter Kit Power-Shot Benchtop UV Cure System - Guitar Finishing - Starter Kit

Power-Shot Benchtop UV Cure System - Guitar Finishing - Starter Kit
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    The PowerShot UV guitar finish starter kit comes with everything you need to start finishing faster and easier today. This value kit allows you to cure the finish with no waiting time because it cures instantly with UV light. Ideal for limited and medium guitar finishing production. The wet-look finish will add depth and beauty to your creation.

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    Included in guitar finishing starter kit:

    PowerShot Benchtop UV Curing System

    The Total-Cure PowerShot bench top UV curing system is our most powerful handheld machine to date, with a maximum effective output that is unrivaled in the industry and a wide 8 inch cure path.

    With its simple yet high tech design, it can handle a wide variety of curing applications, requiring virtually no learning curve or set up time. The compact package allows permanent mounting in fixed locations or to be transported if required. The unit also features a convenient nesting station, which provides safe placement for the UV cure irradiator head during standby operation.

    CureUV's personalized and knowledgeable technical support staff is dedicated to help with your specific requirements. If you have questions, call and you will speak directly to an Applications Expert with extensive product knowledge and hands-on expertise.

    Tyvek coverall
    Weldmark Blue Ghost Flame "Steel Works" Variable Shade Welding Helmet
    Protective Gloves
    UV Cure Insulator Sealer - Oily Wood - 1 Gallon

    The UV Cure Insulator Sealer lets the natural beauty come through while sealing any oil from penetrating additional coatings that may be applied. It also provides superior bonding strength for other UV coatings.

    UV Cure Wipe On Gel Filler - Wood - 1 Gallon

    The UV Cure Wipe On Gel Filler fills the wood grain with a simple wipe on method.

    UV Cure Premium Clear Wet-Look Finish Topcoat - Wood - 1 Gallon

    The UV Cure Premium Clear Wet-Look Finish Topcoat provides a clear, wet looking appearance that adds to the depth and beauty of what lies beneath.

    UV Finishing Features:
    • Thin finish thickness with superior flexibility and dries instantly
    • Faster and Easier buffing & less heat build up.
    • Superior scratch resistance & more durable than conventional coatings
    • 100% Solids - NO VOC's, No Mixing, Less Shrinkage & More Coverage
    • Green Technology, No solvent smells & non-flammable
    • Always in stock & 24/7 ordering availability
    Product Documents and Drawings:

    UV Finish Application Guidelines - Guitar (PDF) 
    • Weight - 59lbs
    • Dimensions - Width 10.13" x Depth 19.50" x Height 9.50"
    • Power Requirements - 220V, 60Hz (220V, 50Hz Avail.)
    • Main Power and Lamp on/off control
    • System control, power Hi / Low, E-Stop
    • Integrated cooling
    • 10' (foot) power cord
    • 20' (foot) irradiator cord
    • Molded plastic handles for portability
    • 6 non-marking, non-skid feet

    Handheld UV Irradiator:
    • Weight - 5lb
    • Dimensions - Length 13.71" x Width 4.14" x Height 6.56"
    • Ergonomic handle
    • 3 cooling fans
    • Easy change UV lamp and Reflector
    • E-Stop (Turns off lamp, but not fans)
    • Standby power safety switch (activated when placed in nest)

    Stand-by Nest:
    • Weight - 9lbs
    • Dimensions - Length 18.00" x Width x 6.50" x Height 4.65"
    • Power Requirements - 110V, 60Hz (220V, 50Hz Avail.)
    • Integrated cooling fan
    • 4 non-marking, non-skid feet

Questions & Answers

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  • What is the opened and unopened shelf life of the various UV cure products suitable for guitars?

    The shelf life should be a solid 12 months if you keep it in a cool, dry area.

  • what are the steps for the UV finish is it insulator filler then top coat?

    Hello, that is correct. A lot of our customers use the video below as a quick and useful guide. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

    useful video for UV curing guitars